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Far from a Timeshare

Oda Drag-Erlandsen
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At first glance, &Hamlet may seem to have similarities with Timeshare, as both involve reserving stays for the use of vacation homes. Yet, this is where the similarities end between our concept and the conventional Timeshare model. Ownership in an &Hamlet is equivalent to owning the property itself, but without all the practicalities that come with sole ownership. On the contrary, Timeshare entails a perpetual lease for a fixed duration, typically within a hotel or apartment complex.


Ownership Beyond Conventional Boundaries

A pivotal contrast between &Hamlet and Timeshare lies in the nature of ownership. With &Hamlet, ownership entails a stake in the property, not merely a designated period of use. This manifests as a sophisticated form of joint ownership, akin to the seamless transition of inheritance. The difference is that in &Hamlet, we have organized all the practical aspects of ownership, ensuring that you possess the property outright. Consequently, the value of your esteemed share aligns with market trends, and any potential increase in value belongs exclusively to you as the owner.

Conversely, Timeshare entails the purchase of a usage right for a specific timeframe, commonly within a hotel or apartment complex. Here, ownership is restricted to usage rights, devoid of actual property ownership. As Timeshare does not constitute real estate, it remains immune to potential value appreciation arising from surges in market prices. The value of a Timeshare is more likely to diminish post-purchase. In stark contrast, &Hamlet prioritizes transparency in all operational costs, ensuring a predictable ownership experience – a departure from Timeshare's notorious price hikes and opacity.


Each &Hamlet is a bespoke haven

An &Hamlet is not just any property. In our quest for new properties, meticulous criteria guide our selection process, including location, standards, number of bedrooms, and the indispensable "wow" factor. Modern amenities and distinctive details are seamlessly integrated, ensuring that your &Hamlet becomes a sanctuary where you feel genuinely at home, relaxed, and enveloped in comfort. The aspiration is for your &Hamlet to embody the essence of a second home.

In contrast, a Timeshare unit typically finds its place within a hotel or apartment complex. Here, you might find yourself living in close proximity to others, amidst typical hotel-style furnishings.

Savor exclusive use of the property

For &Hamlet owners, sharing the property is a curated experience, limited to a maximum of seven other owners, with a minimum of one. This deliberate exclusivity results in a significantly reduced number of individuals accessing the property, as co-owners are prohibited from renting out their share. Each visit is punctuated by meticulous inspection and cleaning, ensuring that your&Hamlet remains a haven untainted by the presence of others. All co-owners in an &Hamlet are genuine "owners," treating the property with the reverence it deserves

With &Hamlet, you are also free to use the vacation home throughout the year. The only requirement is that you use our custom app to schedule reservations for the vacation home. The goal is for the reservation app to provide overview and predictability regarding the use of your &Hamlet, allowing reservations up to two days in advance. To delve deeper into the reservation system and understand the distribution of holiday periods and peak seasons among co-owners, explore here.

In contrast, a Timeshare unit often finds itself owned by more than 52 individuals, each allocated ownership for a specific week, sometimes resulting in double bookings. Certain Timeshares permit exchange or rental, expanding the pool of potential guests. However, this convenience in Timeshare ownership translates to less flexibility compared to the exclusive experience offered by &Hamlet.

Seamless resale opportunities

One of the premium perks of &Hamlet ownership is the effortless ability to sell your share at your convenience. The sales process is designed to be seamless, mirroring a traditional home sale where you set the price and reach a diverse clientele through our marketplace, channels, or your preferred real estate agent.

In contrast, the resale of a Timeshare has proven to be challenging due to a supply and demand imbalance. With many sellers seeking to offload their units against a backdrop of limited demand, Timeshare resales often result in financial losses.

&Hamlet stands as an ideal of exclusive ownership, redefining the narrative in contrast to the conventional Timeshare experience. Each &Hamlet beckons with bespoke elegance, ensuring that ownership transcends mere possession, delivering an unparalleled sanctuary that is unequivocally yours.

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