On average, holiday homes lie vacant for over 300 days per year, leading to environmental harm, reduction of wild nature, and strained local economies. Yet, many aspire to own a holiday home, despite the financial and maintenance burdens. Enter &Hamlet, revolutionizing ownership with our elegant co-ownership model. Experience your dream, build equity, and forge cherished memories, while promoting sustainable ownership and nurturing the local communities. Redefine your holiday home experience with &Hamlet, where dreams meet sustainability.

En stue fylt med møbler og et stort vindu
The &Hamlet team
Our enthusiastic and driven team works in tight collaboration with Askeladden & Co to fulfill the dream of our customers of owning and enjoying their dream holiday home.
Kristian Ellertsen
CEO & Co-Founder
Terje Leknes
CCO & Co-Founder
Magnus Nordmo
Content Producer
Oda Drag-Erlandsen
Legal Advisor
Karl-Axel Bauer
Lead Partner
Lasse Smedsvig
Board Member
Christian Foss
Advisor, Board, Customer
Askeladden & Co
Askeladden & Co
Askeladden & Co supports &Hamlet across critical domains including business strategy, finance, tech, marketing and PR
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Founder story

«Some of my best childhood memories are from adventures on the islands near our cabin. As I grew older, the cabin stood empty for large parts of the year.»

Kristian Ellertsen
Kristian Ellertsen
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