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Oda Drag-Erlandsen
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Christian Foss has been looking for a house in Spain for a longer period of time. Due to concerns about limited use in relation to the costs of owning such a holiday home, he wanted to share the home with others. When he came across the concept of &Hamlet, he was sold and therefore bought ownershares in Sky Villa – a gem located on Costa Del Sol in Spain.

Foss has been following the concept of 'fractional ownership' for over 10 years. The concept originates from the USA and involves owning a fraction of a property, a plane or other objects. Ownership can be such as 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8. When he was looking for a potential holiday home in Spain, he was looking for something he could share with others.

"We had decided to buy an apartment in Spain but came to the realization that it wouldn't be used that much. I was introduced to &Hamlet through the Norwegian real estate agent in Spania1, and &Hamlet has solved everything I thought was important about co-ownership."

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For Foss, it was important that co-ownership of the holiday home did not come with extra challenges. Therefore, it was especially positive that &Hamlet took care of everything related to managing the property.

"The reason we bought a &Hamlet apartment is because we wanted a part that could control usage, and organize cleaning and everything regarding upkeep of the property. There would have been many extra challenges in organizing shared ownership on our own. We found that &Hamlet has a setup that is perfectly suited for people to come together to buy and use an apartment or cottage without any kind of hassle."

Furthermore, Foss believes that there are several advantages to co-owning an apartment or cottage through &Hamlet.

"It's like a Kinder Egg – you get a significantly larger and better home for the budget you had planned to spend alone, and you get 100% hassle-free ownership of the property. Co-owning holiday homes is much more rational than having your own apartment or cottage sitting empty for most of the year."

"It's environmentally friendly, it's rational, and you get significantly more value for your money in such a package."

As a result of his experience with &Hamlet, Foss became so curious about the company that he later chose to invest in it after doing a lot of investigation. 

"My experience with &Hamlet as a company is very good. I gained trust in the people behind the concept and the people working in the company. It comes across as very professional [...]. I became so curious about the company that I have chosen to invest in &Hamlet as a company."

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Oda Drag-Erlandsen
Legal Advisor
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