Positive contribution to the local community

How does sharing a cabin contribute positively to the local community?

Kristian Ellertsen
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Sharing holiday homes is becoming increasingly popular in Norway and abroad. People come together to co-own and use the cabin, while sharing the expenses and responsibilities. In addition to providing numerous benefits to individuals, shared ownership also brings advantages to the local communities surrounding these cabins.

Conservation of nature, increased property value, and a sense of community

In Norway, there are approximately half a million cabins, but on average, these cabins remain vacant for more than 300 days a year. By sharing the use of existing cabins among multiple owners, the need for further development in natural areas is reduced, preserving our beautiful, wild, and untouched nature.

Shared ownership ensures a continuous flow of visitors to the local area throughout the year. This leads to increased economic activity, making local businesses less reliant on seasonal traffic to sustain their operations. Local restaurants, shops, and activities all benefit from this increased footfall.


"We have half a million cabins in Norway, but most of them remain vacant for more than 300 days a year."


When multiple individuals become co-owners of cabins in an area, it fosters a sense of community and belonging to the local neighborhood. Owners are people who return regularly, feeling pride and a sense of ownership for the place. This has a positive effect on the community spirit and contributes to a more inclusive environment. Additionally, it facilitates building relationships with people one might not have met otherwise.


Shared ownership of cabins offers significant benefits – both for individual co-owners and the local community as a whole. It provides increased access to outdoor activities and nature, reduces environmental impact, and fosters a sense of community and belonging. Furthermore, shared ownership contributes to economic growth in the local community, benefiting local businesses and creating new job opportunities.

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Kristian Ellertsen
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