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How does the booking actually work?

Kristian Ellertsen
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Imagine a large and cozy cabin right in the middle of the ski slope, or a beautiful villa along the coast of Spain –the vacation home dream has become a reality. Shared ownership through &Hamlet is meant to be joyful, easy, and predictable. Therefore, it is only natural that the usage is distributed fairly. Our customized reservation system ensures that you can use your dream vacation home as you desire.

The scheduling system in a nutshell

In a survey conducted by &Hamlet, holiday home owners in Norway reported using their second homes for an average of 43days per year. When you purchase a 1/8 ownership in an &Hamlet, you are guaranteed to use your property for at least 45 days per year – giving you the same number of days as the typical usage of a vacation home.

Stays are reserved through &Hamlet's app.The system allows you to reserve a stay up to two years in advance and as close as 48 hours before arrival. To ensure a fair distribution among shareholders, you can hold up to six reservations at any given time. Each stay must last a minimum of two nights and can usually last up to two weeks. The more shares you own, the longer stays you can reserve.

In the reservation system, we have defined several special dates based on Norwegian holidays, as well as peak seasons based on the property's location. To ensure a fair distribution of the most popular days, you can keep one reservation during a popular holiday or vacation period and three reservations during the peak seasons. There is also a limit on the number of stays allowed during holidays and peak seasons. The reservation system learns from the owners' usage patterns, so the definition of the peak seasons is adjusted for each unique &Hamlet, making the distribution even more equitable. For instance, if you used the vacation home during the first part of Christmas 2022, the other owners have priority the following year. This example is based on a 1/8 ownership. If you own multiple shares, you have increased availability for special days.


Last-Minute Reservations and Cancellations

The advantage of owning a vacation home is freedom and flexibility. The reservation system allows for the use of your&Hamlet on short notice. A short-notice stay is defined as a reservation made between 2 and 30 days in advance. These stays do not count towards the allocated 45 days per year per 1/8 ownership and are not subject to the rules for holidays and peak seasons. If your &Hamlet is available, you can use it without any restrictions. You can also cancel the reservation without it counting against your 45 days per year per ownership, as long as you cancel within 30 days before the stay. If you cancel the reservation after this period, it will count towards your available days, unless one of the other owners reserves a stay on any of your original days. When cancelling, the other owners will be notified to have the opportunity to reserve.

&Hamlet has developed this reservation system to ensure a fair distribution of the year and maximize the usage of the vacation home. We continuously optimize and improve the platform to provide youwith the best experience. You can use your &Hamlet as many days per year as the average vacation home, while saving costs and owning a vacation home thatyou could normally only dream of.


&Hamlet is your dream, your vacation home –just smarter.

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Kristian Ellertsen
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