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Kristian Ellertsen
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&Hamlet gives you as a buyer of a holiday home the opportunity to own from ⅛ up to ½ of the property, with exclusive right of use when you are there. We organize all the property management so that you can enjoy your valuable time in beautiful surroundings. This makes the dream of owning an exclusive holiday home a reality.

Referral commission for real estate agents and brokers

For you as a real estate agent, we offer a finder's fee if you bring a buyer to us. You will receive a 5% referral commission of the client´s purchase price from &Hamlet if your client ends up buying from &Hamlet. All you need to do is to refer the potential buyer to us. We take care of the rest. We will contact the customer, arrange viewings, arrange all contractual works, while we keep you informed during the process. If your client ends up buying, just congratulate them and collect your commission.

You can always see which properties we have available at our Listing page.

Real estate sales together with &Hamlet

As a real estate agent it can be tough competition to get sales listings. Our platform is a favorable choice for all parties. For the seller's part, they can achieve a higher sales price than they would otherwise get (we lock the selling price at a fixed rate for your seller) and you as an agent can achieve a higher total commission. You will reach out to far more potential buyers, as the entry point for ownership is significantly reduced. Referring a customer to &Hamlet can also provide you with valuable sales leads for the future, as each owner is free to sell their ownershare through their own agent in the future. On properties that fulfill &Hamlet´s criteria, it is smart to sell through &Hamlet.

Our concept can be promoted to customers if the property has an expected market price of NOK 15,000,000 or higher, has a newer standard, and is located in attractive destinations, or by further agreement.

Contact &Hamlet before the inspection for further review and clarification.

The sales process as a &Hamlet

Selling a holiday home in the &Hamlet concept is similar to a traditional property sale: a condition report is obtained from a surveyor, a sales brochure is prepared, and the property is advertised on Finn, social media, newspapers, through partners, etc. We take the marketing part several steps further with content, image, and video production. In addition, the property will be available on our platform.

The big difference is that a co-ownership of the property is established by &Hamlet, and the property is divided into 8 ideal shares. The price in the market is thus significantly reduced, and you reach a completely new customer market for the high-end properties. The sales process is quite similar to selling 8 identical apartments in an apartment building.

For more information, please contact us.

Kristian Ellertsen
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