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Marbella - a sunny gem on the Costa del Sol in Spain

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Welcome to beautiful Marbella – a sunny gem on the Costa del Sol in Spain. The area is one of the sunniest in Europe and is the ultimate refuge for those seeking summer temperatures year-round.

Food and Drink in Marbella

Marbella is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine with a local touch. Here you can experience delicious dishes prepared from fresh ingredients and enjoy a fantastic dining experience. There is also a wide selection of grocery stores, markets, and specialty shops offering local delicacies such as olive oil, fresh cheeses, ham, and wine, as well as international food. Whether you want to cook the food yourself in a peaceful setting or visit some of the amazing restaurants in the area, you are guaranteed a magical dining experience.

Marbella is especially known for its fresh seafood, and there is a wide selection of restaurants serving delicate shellfish dishes. If you want to enjoy a tasty meal while enjoying the sea view, we recommend visiting one of the many small authentic beach restaurants in the area, known as Chiringuitos. Here, fresh fish and shellfish are prepared right by the beach. We recommend trying some of the local specialties such as gambas al ajillo or fried squid.

For a flavorful variety, tapas are the perfect option. Tapas are part of Spanish food culture and give you the opportunity to try different flavors on the same plate. We recommend "El Tapeo de Cervantes", "Bodegas La Venencia", and "Casa Tua". Try some of the classic tapas dishes like patatas bravas, tortilla, and chorizo combined with a cold beer or a refreshing glass of sangria.


Marbella has a rich culture with a mix of Spanish and Andalusian heritage, as well as influences from different cultures over the years. Marbella's old town has a charming and authentic Andalusian atmosphere, with its narrow cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and tapas bars and restaurants. The old town is especially popular during the summer, with streets filled with music and entertainment. Here you will find Plaza de los Naranjos – a beautiful and lively square with orange trees and cozy cafes. In the heart of Marbella's old town, you will also find Castillo de Marbella – a medieval castle dating back to the 10th century. The castle was built by the Moors and later taken over by the Catholics, offering a great view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Centro Cultural Cortijo Miraflores is located on the outskirts of Marbella and is a cultural center aiming to promote art, culture, and education. The center hosts a wide range of cultural experiences, including concerts, theater performances, and art exhibitions. Here you will also find a library, a café, and a large garden suitable for relaxation and recreation.


If you are a golf enthusiast, you will find much to enjoy in Marbella. The area has over 70 different high-quality golf courses. Many of the golf courses have excellent training facilities and offer lessons for golfers of all skill levels.

In Marbella, you will also find some of the best diving sites along the Costa del Sol. With its crystal-clear water and varied wildlife, this is a unique way to experience the marine life living in the Mediterranean Sea.

A long beach promenade runs along the sea, leading you from Marbella to Puerto Banús via The Golden Mile. This offers great opportunities for fantastic walking, running, or cycling trips with an amazing view of the sea.

Nightlife in Marbella

Marbella has a vibrant nightlife that attracts party-goers from around the world. Here you can dance the night away at some of the best nightclubs in Spain, or enjoy a drink at one of the many trendy bars along the beach promenade.

Puerto Banus is a popular and glamorous spot for nightlife in Marbella and is one of the most famous areas. Here you will find some of the most exclusive nightclubs and bars guaranteeing an unforgettable night out. In Marbella, you will also find the club Aqwa Mist, which attracts celebrities and VIP guests. The club has a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea and an impressive interior that includes a large swimming pool in the center.

If you want to enjoy a drink while relaxing on a sunbed and taking in the view of the sea, Nikki Beach is recommended. The club has an exclusive atmosphere and is known for its luxurious style.

Marbella as a ski destination

Spania kan også være en vakker skidestinasjon. Sierra Nevada ligger omtrent to timer fra Marbella, og har en skisesong som strekker seg fra november til mai. Her finner Spain can also be a beautiful ski destination. Sierra Nevada is located about two hours from Marbella and has a ski season that runs from November to May. Here you will find a wide selection of slopes for all levels, as well as other winter activities such as snow tubing, snowmobiling, and ice climbing.

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