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Oda Drag-Erlandsen
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Co-ownership of a vacation home organized independently presents many potential pitfalls. &Hamlet aims to eliminate these pitfalls through our facilitated model of co-ownership. This means that we take care of all the practical aspects of owning a vacation home. Our main focus is to make co-ownership a seamless experience.

With &Hamlet as the management, you no longer have to coordinate the use of the vacation home with the other co-owners. We have developed a custom-made app and reservation system that facilitates a fair distribution of exclusive access to the vacation home throughout the year, especially during peak seasons and holidays. With ⅛ ownership, you are guaranteed a minimum of 45 days in your vacation home per year; which is more days than a vacation home is used on average. For a deeper understanding of the reservation system, click here.

We handle all accounting in the co-ownership, arrange for electricity and internet providers, payment of municipal fees, and much more. These cost elements are shared by the co-owners according to ownershare, ensuring a transparent and predictable financial landscape associated with owning your vacation home.

Gone are the days of laborious maintenance tasks at the cabin – be it painting exterior walls, tending to the lawn, or engaging in other necessary upkeep, all of which might encroach upon precious relaxation time with family and friends. With &Hamlet as your custodian, such concerns dissipate. The comprehensive and necessary maintenance of the vacation home is adeptly managed, funded through the collective monthly contributions of co-owners, presenting a shared commitment to its preservation.

&Hamlet takes care of cleaning and a thorough check of the vacation home between each owner. This ensures that your arrival is met with a freshly revitalized environment, freeing you from the burden of dedicating precious moments to cleaning before departure, except for normal tidying. This way, you get more quality out of your time in your &Hamlet.

Furthermore, &Hamlet is responsible for all furniture, interior design, and high-quality amenities in the vacation home. Personal belongings, such as ski equipment, find a designated storage space, while additional external storage for large items like bikes can be seamlessly arranged. In essence, all that awaits you is the pleasure of arriving and indulging in the sophistication and luxury of your &Hamlet.

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Oda Drag-Erlandsen
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