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Oda Drag-Erlandsen
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We find ourselves in a time where everyday life is marked by high interest rates, inflation, and general uncertainty. Therefore, there has never been a better time to co-own your dream holiday home, thereby sharing the costs with others. &Hamlet offers a modern way of owning a holiday home that ensures complete predictability.

Get more for the price you pay

Our concept allows you to own a vacation home worth more than your budget, while also justifying the price you pay in relation to how much you use the holiday home. At an average rate of NOK 33,000 per square meter, a 70-square-meter cabin would typically incur a cost of around NOK 2.3 million. Factoring in maintenance expenses, municipal fees, and other associated costs, justifying such an expenditure becomes challenging, particularly when the average Norwegian utilizes a holiday home for a mere 43 days annually.

With the &Hamlet model, you can get a 193-square-meter cabin for NOK 2,090,000, all while distributing maintenance costs, municipal fees, and more among fellow co-owners. This arrangement not only secures exclusive access to the entire holiday home for a minimum of 45 days each year but also entrusts &Hamlet with the role of management, seamlessly managing all practical facets of holiday home ownership. The result? A more economical investment yielding a larger, potentially better-situated holiday home ownership aligned with actual usage.


Overview of annual costs with &Hamlet vs. wholly owned holiday home

A more sustainable alternative

Through co-ownership of a holiday home, unnecessary logging of beautiful and untouched nature is prevented, while avoiding the issue of holiday homes standing empty most of the year. Therefore, co-ownership is the most sustainable way to own a holiday home. &Hamlet facilitates year-round use of the holiday home, preventing heavy, season-based traffic. This benefits the local community by contributing to increased value creation.

&Hamlet is your dream, your holiday home - only smarter.

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Oda Drag-Erlandsen
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