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Geilo - a haven for those yearning for an idyllic escape from urban hustle

Oda Drag-Erlandsen
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Welcome to the enchanting enclave of Geilo, gracefully nestled amidst the mountains between Oslo and Bergen. A haven for nature lovers, après-ski enthusiasts, and those yearning for an idyllic escape from urban hustle.

Geilo's ski symphony

Amidst snow-covered landscapes and a fantastic winter atmosphere, Geilo sets the stage for unforgettable skiing experiences. Geilo and Hol municipality are among Norway's premier areas for cross-country skiing, with over 500 km of groomed trails winding through valleys and mountain plateaus. These trails are meticulously maintained by Geilo Sti- og Løypelag and maintain a high standard throughout the winter. Offering a diverse range of trails suited for all skill levels, from beginners to challenging routes along mountain peaks.

The heart of Geilo is encircled by 20 ski lifts and 46 alpine slopes, a playground for both the young and seasoned enthusiasts. Whether it's the freshness of morning runs, the allure of daytime glides, or the enchantment of evening descents, Geilo caters to your skiing whims. A unified ski pass grants access to all lifts, while a convenient ski bus transport you effortlessly from one side of the valley to the other, ensuring every trail is within easy reach.

Exploring afoot

Geilo is a paradise for mountain hiking, with trails suitable for all skill levels and panoramic views of the Norwegian mountain landscape. You'll find trails for everyone, from an easy stroll across Tunga Bru, a suspension bridge over Numedalslågen, to a short climb up Energitrappa in Hol, offering breathtaking views of Holsfjorden at the top.

Prestholtstien in Hallingskarvet National Park beckons with a sherpa staircase boasting 2000 steps ascending to Hallingskarvet. The steps are easy to navigate, and at the top, panoramic views await over large parts of Southern Norway. The café at Prestholtseter, renowned for its delectable offerings, including a coveted sour cream porridge, awaits in the high season. For those seeking an extended day's adventure, a scenic walk from Prestholt to Geilo or Ustaoset is a splendid choice.

Cycling bliss

Geilo is a cycling paradise with fantastic opportunities for the whole family, from beginners to enthusiasts. With Geilo as a base, you have access to the entire cycling region in Hallingdal, and the scenic Rallarvegen lies within easy reach.

Vestlia offers skill trails catering to all proficiency levels, complemented by a cycling park serving as a social nexus for families. Featuring an asphalt pumptrack, jump lines of varying difficulty, and an array of cycling elements, it caters to cyclists of every skill tier.

Rallarvegen, voted Norway's most beautiful cycling path, lies at the foot of HallingskarvetNational Park and Hardangervidda National Park. It offers a sought-after, varied cycling tour with beautiful viewpoints. While the full route spans 82km, shorter excursions are possible along the trail.

Activities out of the ordinary

Geilo offers a wide range of unusual activities throughout the seasons. Dagali Opplevelser introduces motorsport thrills, encompassing snowmobiling, icekarting, and Powerturn Buggy escapades. From sledding and kick-sled rentals to guided fatbike tours, horseback riding, dog sledding, and invigorating ice baths and saunas, the options for merriment are abundant. Langedrag Naturpark, a mere hour's drive from Geilo, grants intimate encounters with captivating creatures, including Arctic foxes, reindeer, wolves, lynxes, and elk.

In the summertime, the spectrum of activities broadens to include rafting, canyoning, riverboarding, ziplining, and glacier hiking on Hardangerjøkulen. Høyt og Lavt climbing park, along with football and frisbee golf, mountain cart trike descents at Dagali ski center, and spirited rounds of paintball, promise additional surges of adrenaline.

Retail therapy and refined leisure

Geilo has a wide range of shops, including pharmacies, grocery stores, fresh produce markets, liquor stores, sports stores, hobby shops, and electronics stores. Culinary delights abound in the myriad restaurants, from quaint cafes to sumptuous catering establishments. Local gastronomic artisans such as GeiloMat, Herlig, and Ostebygda – Stundo, extend an invitation to savor local delicacies and specialties. For those inclined to indulge their culinary prowess, Matkrok'n delikatesse and catering offer fresh ingredients every Tuesday to Saturday, featuring an array of fish, meat, and cheeses.

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