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Stranda - The Sunnmøre Alps most beautiful mountains

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Welcome to Stranda - a unique area in Møre og Romsdal, located in the heart of the Sunnmøre Alps. The area is known for its enchanting nature and great hiking opportunities, perfect for those who want a cabin experience in a beautiful and active area. Stranda has something for everyone - whether you prefer the sea or skiing in a snow-covered landscape.

Spectacular nature

Stranda is known for its magnificent and varied natural landscape, with spectacular mountain formations, steep cliffs, deep valleys, and idyllic fjords. The area is home to the world-famous Geirangerfjord, surrounded by high mountains and countless waterfalls. The Geirangerfjord is also on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites as part of the "West Norwegian Fjord Landscape". In other words, the area offers completely unique nature experiences that you don't want to miss.

One of the most famous mountain formations in Stranda is the mountain Slogen, which has become a symbol of the Sunnmøre Alps. The mountain is known for its distinctive shape and unique view of the surrounding peaks and the emerald green valleys deep down by the Hjørundfjord.

There are also several lakes and rivers in Stranda, which provide fantastic opportunities for fishing, swimming, and kayaking. Here, you can really experience the idyllic fjords up close. If you want a more adrenaline-filled activity, there are good opportunities for rafting in the rivers. Bring your family or friends and enjoy a relaxing or active day on the sea.

A world-class ski resort

Stranda Ski Resort is one of Norway's best alpine resorts, especially known for its long ski season and spectacular view of the fjord and surrounding mountains. With its 7 ski lifts, ski lifts for children, 18 slopes, and one of Scandinavia's best freeride areas, Stranda Ski Resort is the perfect place for eager skiing enthusiasts. The ski resort also offers equipment rental and ski school for beginners.

One of the main attractions of Stranda Ski Resort is the world-famous gondola that takes you 1042 meters above sea level and lets you enjoy a spectacular view of the Storfjorden. The surroundings are perfect for mountain hiking, summit trips, or trail riding on bicycles. Here, you will also find the Fjord Panorama Restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal with a fantastic view of the fjord.

Restaurants and nightlife in Stranda

Stranda offers plenty of culinary experiences. With a focus on local ingredients and traditional food culture, these are dining experiences you will remember for a long time. After an adventurous day, you can visit Kos Kaffibar or Hygge by Uteguiden to enjoy a good cup of coffee and traditional pastries in a cozy atmosphere.

A popular local specialty is mountain lamb, which is meat from sheep that have grazed in the surrounding mountains. This meat is known for its good taste and quality. Fish and shellfish are also an important part of Stranda's food culture. The area has a long coastline that provides good fishing opportunities, and local fish restaurants often serve fresh catch. Some of the recommended restaurants are Fjord Panorama Restaurant, which offers local specialties with a fantastic view. If you want to end the evening with something good in the glass, Stranda Hotel offers a selection of local dishes, as well as a bar and lounge that is open late into the night.

Kulå Bowling is a fun place to spend the evening with family and friends. Here, you can challenge each other in various games and enjoy a delicious meal with something good in the glass.

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